Jon Ensor was born in Oxford.  He began performing magic at the age of 8.


He worked mostly for the English aristocracy for the first years as a professional, before branching into corporate entertainment when he moved to Norway in 2010.


Jon has appeared on Norwegian national television on several occasions, including guest appearances on nrk's top rating shows Lindmo and Big Bang.


Notable performances include the King and Queen of Norway's 80th birthday celebration in 2017, Renowned businessman Petter Stordalen's star-studded wedding in Marrakech in 2010, and private events for HM Queen Elisabeth II,  HRH Prince Charles, and other European and middle eastern Royalty.


Jon also performs a double act together with magician Paul Martin, called "The Miracle Men", and he is a popular speaker on the subject of perception, communication, and on charm and charisma.

Perfoming for HRH The Prince of Wales



Jon Ensor is Norway's top magician and mind reader, working at over 100 events a year.  He is also active internationally, and has performed several times for the British Royal Family at private occasions.





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